Life in space - and how to get rid of it

This game is a top-down and has round based combat.

You are the one they send to mars to get rid of the alien invasion.

When playing:

Move your mouse to show the action indicator.

Click to trigger an action (walk, shoot).

Use middle or right mouse to drag the area around you.

If you are in combat the game is round based, you can use your action points to walk (1 point each step) or shoot (2 points each shot).

If you do not want to move or shoot, you can end the round by clicking on yourself.

You can get back to the menu (with the option to resume the game) via pressing "esc" or "space".


To play on desktop, you can download the jar file (you will need java) or for windows 64bit you can choose the bigger download that will run without java.

This game is my #libGDXjam entry.

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